These are the 5 most essential characteristics

Superior insulation

Our homes are rated MAXIMUM ENERGETIC, A.

With an Aerotermic equipment, for radiant-cooling floor and sanitary hot water.
Double Insulation on the roof (POREXPAN Vault plus 10 centimeters of extruded).
Extruded polystyrene of 8 centimeters in walls and 4 in ground floor.
High Quality Windows (PVC with U = 1,3) and Climalit Crystal with Ultra Planitherm N (U = 1,4).


NOT PRE-Manufactured Construction

Starting, our houses are under traditional construction. Reinforced concrete structure and enclosure with ceramic elements with their respective insulators and waterproofing.


Finishes: Total freedom

We differentiate in the interior finishes . The client chooses the material he wants.
In the budget we have a material credit that gives you access to a range of media (Floors, Toilets, Sinks, Woods, etc.) you can lower or raise that credit.
At the beginning, floating flooring is placed in the rooms and in the rest of the spaces.
In the photo we see flooring, free stairs anchored in physical edge profiles, large security glass window, etc.


Waterproofing, First

In all our construction details, waterproofing comes first:

* Concrete earthenware on Waterproof sheet.
* Basement with triple waterproof sheet.
* Flat roofs with double waterproof sheet (photo detail).
* Traditional roofs of Uralita on tiles with 35 years warranty.
* All the stone is waterproofed with transparent Hydrofuge.


Budget to your liking

We know that our houses could be cheaper without these qualities of items, but we believe that they are the basic ones. The client is free to add, delete, change, etc. the items that he wants with total freedom.


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