It is the most important thing in a house. The starting point of our models is MAXIMUM insulation.
– Walls: 8 cms of Extruded Polystyrene.
– Cover: 10 cms of extruded polystyrene, Porexpan vault 20 cms.
– Floor: 4 cms of Extruded Polystyrene.
– Windows: PVC Carpentry Brand KOMMERLING or similar.
– Crystal with Climalit + Planitherm Ultra N.


The structure is based on pillars and reinforced concrete slabs, with slab foundation. The walls of the basement are reinforced concrete of 25 cms.
– Foundations: reinforced concrete slab with 35 cm waterproofed.
– Slabs: Reinforced concrete with concrete beams and joists.
– Cover: Idem with Porexpan vault of 20 cms.
– Basement: reinforced concrete wall of 25 cm waterproofed on the outside. (Painting, drain, etc.)
– Flat roof: inverted roof with EPDM waterproof sheet finished in gravel.


Complete installations of Electricity, Plumbing and Sanitation.
– Electricity: Complete installation according to low voltage regulation, switched, etc. Hager box, FERMAX automatic door opener.
– Mechanism: Series 27,31 or similar. Brand GIRA E2 or similar.
– Plumbing: Complete installation with “Fisioterm” tube or similar, plus 4 outlets in the kitchen.
– Sanitation: Connection to Sewerage.


The quality and beauty of the windows is fundamental in the comfort and aesthetics of a home. The insulation is maximum with PVC windows (U = 1.3) and Climalit + Planitherm (U = 1.4), which allows an isolation of 70% or higher.
– Carpentry: PVC, opening Oscilo-Batiente.
– Crystal: Climalit double glazing.
– Finishes: In color or imitation wood.
– Blinds: In dormitory blinds monoblock of the same color as the carpentry.


– Partition: Double hollow brick of 8 cms.
– Enclosure: Brick of 8 cms + chamber (with its insulation) + double hollow brick of 12 cms
– Stairway: Finished in porcelain stoneware or wooden steps. Laminar glass balustrade tempered 6 + 6 millimeters with INOX buttons.


– Natural Painting No Plastic.


– Floating floor in bedrooms and porcelain tiles in the rest of the house.


– Starting tiled up to 2 meters. The customer chooses if wants more or less.


– We work only with top brands such as ROCA, GALA, DURAVIT, HIDROBOX by ADSARA
– Duravit: Toilets and Bidet suspended.
– HidroBox by Adsara: Washbasins and shower trays made of graphene.
– Gröhe: Griferia
– Nebia: Shower that saves up to 70% water.

Interior Carpentry

– Solid floor to ceiling doors with finishes in noble wood to choose from: Oak, Iroko, Chestnut (variable according to trends).

Air conditioning

– Cold and heat solution, as well as sanitary hot water by aerothermy, through distribution by means of radiant and refreshing floor.
– Double flow mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

Garage and Outdoors

– The garages and basements go without coating inside.
– Exterior coating plus paint and / or porcelain coating according to project.
– Aluminum exterior railings.
– Pre-installation of outdoor shower, water supplies and sanitation.
– Fences
– Main exterior fencing.
– Pedestrian exterior door
– Exterior door for vehicles
– Metal tray door lacquered on both sides.
– Automatic Door opening for vehicles
– Pedestrian entrance area to porch.


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